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We believe a well-run medical practice benefits more than just the owners. The community in which this office resides receives much more than medical care, they receive a healing touch followed by a kind word. We believe, whole-heartedly, that caregivers should focus the majority of their time on their patients. Sadly, in this modern era, the burden of ever expanding healthcare regulations has become nothing more than a distraction. We are here to lift that weight. We focus on the legislative details while you focus on the people.

Over the past seven years, we have dedicated ourselves to tackling these daunting regulations. Understanding and educating physicians on Meaningful Use was a huge hurdle that we tackled over the last three years. Simultaneously, we mastered the difficult PQRS program and delivered you exactly what you needed to know. All along the way, you focused on providing outstanding care to your community. Our goal is to keep you updated on the ever-changing healthcare industry while you continue to heal our family and friends.


To develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the industry, you must actively track down new information. We put in countless hours reading through complex legislation to ensure you are always up to date.


Blake Head

Creative, passionate and experienced - Blake provides a unique perspective on the ever-changing healthcare landscape.


Healthcare is in a constant state of flux. Pressure is put on the local physician from all directions. Patients are armed with information from the internet, government is setting new requirements every day, and payments from insurers continue to shrink. We are here to help you combat all of these forces and find new ways to focus your efforts to ensure a successful, modern medical practice.



Blake Head

Published Jan 17.

Profit from Chronic Care Management without actually doing anything

Many of you may have heard by now that as of January 1st, 2015, Medicare will reimburse physicians for Chronic Care Management Services. Essentially they will pay $42.00 per patient per month if you provide 20 minutes of care outside of the office. As always, there are other more specific requirements that you would need to comply with in order to qualify. If you are like many of the doctor’s I have worked with in the past, you are already up to your eye-balls in regulations – more money is just not enough motivation. No worries – I get that.

Even with this being the case, there is no reason that you or your patient’s have to miss out on these services. There are a handful of organizations, like Transition Med out of Indianapolis, that are willing to provide this care for you and provide you reimbursement for each patient that signs up. They have spent the time understanding the requirements and have tailored their operations to meet the needs of your patients and the government.

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Blake Head

Published Jan 24.

Step-by-step guide to billing Medicare for Chronic Care Management Services

Two-thirds of all Medicare dollars are spent on treating patients with a chronic disease. This figure is alarming and increasing. A new initiative by the Centers for Medicare Services is looking to curb this trend. They have decided to focus on their efforts on prevention with the hopes that this will lower the dollars spend on treatment down the line.

As of January 1st, 2015, providers that bill Medicare have the ability to get reimbursed for providing Chronic Care Management services to their patients. Assuming a physician has a population of roughly 500 Medicare patients, the annual reimbursement could exceed $100,000. Qualifying for this payment will require 20 minutes of non-face to face time helping a patient manage their chronic condition.

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